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About Us

Springtime Consulting is about blooming good financial records. During the springtime all the colors come back to the leaves, fruits are reaping, and the temperature is nice. That is what Springtime Consulting LLC is about, bringing the colors and positive energy back to your financial books.


The Founder & CEO Damiah Springer has always looked to spring as the season where everything shows how well they have prepared. The springtime for her shows the success of the fall (how well the last financial year has been/predicting the upcoming financial year), winter (dormant/saving energy and money/looking for good investments), and summer (putting all the financial preparations and good fruits to the test). 


Finances are like seasons, you know when your business will slow down and pick back up. The slow down season mirrors fall and winter and the pick back up seasons mirror spring and summer. Being ready and prepared for your “pick back up” seasons is important. Springtime Consulting LLC is opened and ready to get you there!